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Junior Pioneers School(a.k.a J.P.S.) is indeed a very good school. Probably one of the bests in Dharan. It has been providing quite good education facilities to the students. But, over the past two years, it has had quite bad SLC results. Certainly because the three major subject teachers(Compulsory Maths, Science and Optional Maths) have changed frequently. Due to this, the students had a very bad time completing and understanding the course. I also don't know how do we get so less marks in Nepali. Despite the coaching classes with so high fee, no improvement was achieved. But, I hope that may this year with dual coaching classes, both in the morning and evening, we will have a better result than last year. What I would really recommend is that may all the subjects be completed in time and may more tests be taken as far as possible, so as to ensure that the students are more than just fully prepared for their biggest exam of all at the school level, SLC. Also, I would like to thank all my teachers for helping me achieve not so good but quite a satisfactory result. GO J.P.S. GO!!!!!

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