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Jwagal 10, Kupondol, Lalitpur
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Jagdamba Motors Pvt. Ltd
Naxal, Kathmandu
Job Type
Job Status
Full Time
19 April, 2021
Job Title

Administrative Manager

Job Presentation


  •  Arrangement of Items

    • Premises visit to all the new joinees at the time of induction program.
    • Coordinating with the vendors for timely arrangement of uniform, Laptop/Desktop, printing items, ID Card, pen drive as required for the concerned department.
    • Timely arrangement of official Vehicle to the staff as required.

    Housekeeping & Security Personnel Management

    • Ensure the rooms, kitchen and other areas are well cleaned & maintained.
    • Guide and train to the housekeeping and Security personnel for proper hospitality services.
    • Coordinate with the outsource company for housekeeping and security personnel as and when required.

    Vehicle Management

    • Issuing vehicle to eligible employees as per policy.
    • Preparation of memo and obtaining approval from top management.
    • Ensuring that all company vehicles has proper legal documents such as Bluebook, Tax Renewal, Insurance etc.
    • Vehicle Hiring as per requirement.

    Visitor Handling

    • Arrangement of vehicles, Hotels and support services to the visitors when required.
    • Ensure the visitors received best hospitality services and support during the trip to nepal.


    • Enrolling of new employees into Insurance policies.
    • Settlement of Insurance Claims.
    • Renewal of Insurance Policy.

    Repair & Maintenance

    • Preparation of Repair and Maintenance Budget.
    • Arranging repair and maintenance works as per need.

    Payment to the party

    • Monthly/Quarterly payment of house rent/Internet/ as per agreement/Municipality
    • Monthly payment of Phone bills/Electricity Expenses on time
    • Annual Tax/Insurance payment of official vehicle on matured date in coordination with RTO Officer
    • Monthly payment of outsourced staff (Security Guard, Cleaner used in our premises as well the release of vendor bills on time

    Record Keeping

    • Maintaining up to date records of all official property (Printer, Attendance Device, CCTV, Fan, AC, TV, Inverter, Music System, Generator, security personnel of all premises.
    • Maintain reports of Official vehicle & Laptop given to employees for official use, Bike & laptop in scheme to the employees
    • Maintain reports of start date, matured date, cost to the party as agreement made with the house rent, Vendors, outsource companies
    • Maintain the monthly record of electricity and other every expense. Analyze on and try to minimize the cost wherever possible


    • Maintain Proper filing of Agreement papers done with House rent, AMC Vendors, Other parties
    • Maintain Proper documentation of Official Assets handover to Employees ( Laptop/Vehicle/Pen drive/Uniforms/Shoes Etc)


    • Close coordination and support among team members to strengthen the individual and department performance
    • Follow company rules and regulations strictly to develop system and maintain professionalism culture in an organization.
  • Job Specification

    • Proven work experience as an Administrative Officer at-least for 3-5 years
    • Master's degree in business administration, management, or a related field.
    • Experience in a related field, such as management or financial reporting, preferred.
    • Exceptional leadership and time, task, and resource management skills.
    • Strong problem solving, critical thinking, coaching, interpersonal, and verbal and written communication skills.
    • Proficiency with computers, especially MS Office.

    Apply Instructions

    Candidates are requested to apply with updated CV at
    Note: Please mention position as "Manager- Administration" at subject.

    Valid Till
    28 Apr, 2021

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