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Kantipur Management Pvt Ltd
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Full Time
07 March, 2022
Job Title

Project Manager

Job Presentation
Some key characteristics we're looking for:

  • Highly adaptable personality, who enjoys constant growth and wearing multiple hats.
  • Very organized and professional approach to projects & tasks.
  • Enthusiastic and always willing to learn.
  • An entrepreneurial, start-up working style: including experience working remotely.
  • A passion for all things tech, marketing, and innovation


Roles will require both tactical and strategic work - something we believe moulds strong team-mates and entrepreneurs.

Tactical work: 70%

Tactical work is more ‘in the project’ activities that you will be responsible for.

  • Manage client relationships from start to end project.
  • Find leads via networking, referrals, e-mails, calls, and more
  • Meet and pitch clients the services and offerings
  • Create proposals and present them to clients

Strategic work: 30%

  • Strategic work is entrepreneurial and project building activities that you will be responsible for.
  • Identify market opportunities and direct sales efforts in order to achieve sales targets
  • Foster innovative partnerships with external companies, that lead to multiple sources of deals & clients across industries
  • Optimize the sales process and manage sales pipelines, improving overall speed & quality of the project.

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