Job vacancy Pest Control operator in Kathmandu

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Full Time
2 Mar, 2019
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Pest Control operator

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Pest Control Worker"
1) Spray or dust chemical solutions, powders, or gases into rooms, onto clothing, furnishings or wood, and over marshlands, ditches, and catch-basins.
2) Set mechanical traps and place poisonous paste or bait in sewers, burrows, and ditches
3) Inspect premises to identify infestation source and extent of damage to property, wall and roof porosity, and access to infested locations.
4) Cut or bore openings in building or surrounding concrete, access infested areas, insert nozzle, and inject pesticide to impregnate ground.
5) Study preliminary reports and diagrams of infested area and determine treatment type required to eliminate and prevent recurrence of infestation
6) Direct and/or assist other workers in treatment and extermination processes to eliminate and control rodents, insects, and weeds.
7) Measure area dimensions requiring treatment, using rule, calculate fumigant requirements, and estimate cost for service.
8) Clean and remove blockages from infested areas to facilitate spraying procedure and provide drainage, using broom, mop, shovel, and rake..
9) Position and fasten edges of tarpaulins over building and tape vents to ensure air-tight environment and check for leaks.
10) Post warning signs and lock building doors to secure area to be fumigated.
11) Drive truck equipped with power spraying equipment.
  • minimum experience of 2 years same field.
  • education background +2 or slc
  • customer care
  • sales and marketing
  • Interesting and challenging task,
  • Friendly environment and good co working space

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