Job vacancy Admin Finance Officer - Part time in Kathmandu

Devsuits Pvt. Ltd.
Chandragiri - 20, Kathmandu
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Job Type
Temporary / Contract
Job Status
Part Time
7 Oct, 2019
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Admin Finance Officer - Part time

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Devsuits seeks applications from eligible candidates for an Admin Finance Officer - Part time to serve as a focal person for administrative and financial matters of the organization. A candidate is expected to have completed Bachelors Degree in accounting, finance or management with some experience in budgeting, taxation and day-to-day financial management.

Pay for this part-time position is negotiable.
  • Minimum 1 year of experience in managing finances of an office after completion of a Bachelor degree in accounts, finance, management or relevant subject.
  • Key responsibilities of this position include:
  • - Issuing invoices to clients after the assignments are completed;
  • - Following up with the clients for payments;
  • - Preparing monthly financial reports;
  • - Submitting and managing e-TDS and VAT reports on a monthly basis;
  • - Prepare payment vouchers with supporting documents;
  • - Making payments to consultants, suppliers and vendors, in cheque, after checking their invoices and bills;
  • - Ensuring the payments for utilities (water, electricity, rent, phone, internet, etc) are made on time;
  • - Preparing draft contracts for consultants with support from the Chairperson; and
  • - Carrying out other tasks as required.
  • Although this is a part-time position, Devsuits offers a fixed monthly allowance for communications and travel apart from per-dium for the work days.

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