High-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE pipe) is made from high density polyethylene as the
main raw material, adding a small amount of antioxidants, Anti-UV absorbers and pigments.
Advantage of HDPE Pipe :
1. Long life span
It can be used for more than 50 years under normal condition
2. Good sanitary performance Virgin polymer Granules used for Manufacturing are non-toxic and least polluting.
3. Good corrosion resistance
4. Good crack growth resistance Well low temperature impact resistance: Can be used in -60-60° C, will not brittle cracking in
5. Little coefficient of friction and low flow resistance.
6. Excellent wear resistance rather its wear resistance is 4 times higher than steel pipe under
normal conditions
7. Good solder ability.
8. Fine flexibility and anti-scratch ability
9. Low cost

KPI HDPE pipe can be widely applied to below fields:
1. City and town water supply
2. To transport natural gas & coal gas
3. Food & chemical industry
4. To transport ore & mud
5. To replace cement pipe, cast iron pipe & steel pipe
6. Landscaping pipeline
7. Irrigation/farming
8. To install Tube wells
KPI produces HDPE pipe ranging outer diameter from 16 mm to 315 mm with working
pressure from 2 Kg to 10 Kg.

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