Teaching English: Buddhist Monastery in Nepal

Teaching English: Buddhist Monastery in Nepal
We are proud to offer this unique opportunity to teach English to monks and nuns in Nepal and to be immersed in the Buddhist culture in Kathmandu, Nepal. If there is anywhere to experience authentic monastery / orphanage life, Nepal is it.For those who only have 10-14 days to travel … we can provide this experience for you. If you have longer to give, this program can run as long as 5 Months.
Volunteer teachers from Plan Volunteer Nepal help to contribute to the education and personal development of both novice and full ordained monks and nuns while still supporting the culture and Buddhist practice. Many of the novice monks and nuns are orphans. Some choose to leave the monastery / orphanage, when they are older, therefore any additional enhancement in their education will help them in their future lives, which is crucial for them and their culture.English language skills are valuable not only to those who may leave the institution in the future, but also to help future monks and nuns build ties with monasteries and Buddhist organizations in other countries as well as other faiths and also to draw attention to the urgent need for support. When Tibetan Buddhists speak to their counterpart in Nepal, Tibet or anywhere else in Asia, the use English as the bridge language, so it is very important skill even within faith-based communities.

Is this Program for you? If you have an interest in traveling to a new frontier, understanding more about Buddhism or teaching English to children, Monks and Nuns, this is a perfect program for you. Living in a monastery for a time as a volunteer teacher is an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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