Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing traffic to your website through or increasing the visibility of a website through the purely organic and natural results. In an internet marketing tactic, SEO considers how a search engine works, SEO is a mixture of coding and linking solutions which increases the traffic of a website through the use of certain keywords or phrases. SEO is basically about the algorithms which are programmed by the computers, about what people usually search for and fetching the related keywords and phrases which are the choices of the targeted audiences or visitors.
SEO could be an off-page or on-page SEO, which depends on the long-term goals of a company or website.
On-page SEO solely depends on the elements of your website. The contents of the website, the architecture and the visual content are directly related to on-page SEO. It also highly relies on the user-friendliness of a website. Things like the platform, code design, page titles, header tags, internal link structure, are just a handful of examples of an on-page SEO.
While an off-page SEO refers to your activities outside your own website to drive the ranking of a website. It includes identifying, targeting and developing related content and linked networks. It is basically building a keyword authority around your targeted keyword range.

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