Elephant Care Volunteer program

The Nepal elephant care volunteer program is perfect for the animal lovers of all training and experience looking to work up close and personal with the amazing Asian elephant. Elephants are amazing creatures to be with and we would like to invite you to use this opportunity for making life a beautiful event for some time. Make your Nepal holiday special by joining our Nepal Elephant care volunteer program in Chitwan National Park.

This is a special program that helps address the treatment of animals used in tourism all over Asia. The simple act of bathing, feeding and spending time with the elephants allows them time to relax and play on mornings and days when they are not working. Our Elephant care program is dedicated for elephant lovers to help the private elephant population, where local people keep domestic elephants for use in safari. Chitwan national park is a famous destination for jungle safari, and touring the park on the back of an elephant is a great experience. In Nepal the most popular touristic months are March-May and October-November where elephants need to go more in jungle safari and they become more happy in low tourist season in nepal where they can be free and go to wilderness to graze.

The elephant care program starts in Kathmandu, we provide transportation from Tribhuvan international airport, as well as accomodations for two nights in Kathmandu. Included on the second day will be guided kathmandu city tour to see the world heritage in the area. On the third day of arrival you will drive to Chitwan and stay in a town called Sauraha in a homestay next to Chitwan National Park.

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