14" 5 Chirra kukri

Price: 149.99
This is the latest production of GK&CO.KUKRI HOUSE. Chirra means fuller. this kukri comes with 5 fullers on the blade so we named it 5 Chirra Kukri. It can be used to chop wood, fire wood, bone, cleaning bushes. The blade is made of Highly Graded Carbon Steel and is semi-polished. It is broad and more curved then Standard Kukris therefore it is perfect while use unlike other kukri's handle, the handle and Blade is a one single piece and visible all around the handle (See pictures) and than two Rosewood pieces joint (Attached) strongly to the metal part of handle with three metal rivets. Special black sheath is made of buffalo hide. The blade measures 14" long while handle is 6" therefore; overall length of the Kukri is 20 inches. The widest part of the blade is 3.5" while 0.47" (12mm) at the thickest part of spine. The weight of the kukri is 3 lbs. If you are looking for Heavy duty Real Kukri you will not be disappointed.

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