Review of Plan Volunteering Nepal

Review of Plan Volunteering Nepal

I worked as a volunteer in Nepal for three months in 2010, and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. Saroj met me at the airport when I arrived, and I spent the first few days with two other volunteers, learning about the Nepalese language and customs in Kathmandu. We explored the local area and saw the important religious sites - it truly is a fascinating place.
We were each allowed to choose where we would like to go for our voluntary placements. I firstly went to Thulaket, a small village, north of Pokhara. I lived with a wonderful family, worked in the children's resource centre in the mornings and evenings, and taught English in the school during the day. It was a stunningly beautiful place, the people were warm and welcoming, and at the weekends, all the volunteers would meet in the town of Pokhara. I grew to love Dahl Baht - the staple of the Nepalese diet!

I then spent a few weeks volunteering at an orphanage in Pokhara. I lived with two other volunteers in the town, and we went to help at the orphanage each day. We played games with the children and taught them English, as well as helping the orphanage staff with day to day cooking and cleaning.
My third and final placement was in Lumbini, in the south of the country. I lived in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, where I taught English to the monks each day. It was a unique and fantastic experience. I was treated so well by the staff and students, and I learned so much from my time there.
After my placements, I met with some of the other volunteers and we spent a few days in the jungle in Chitwan - again, a truly memorable experience.
I have since travelled all over the world, but have yet to find any place as wonderful as Nepal. I made some fantastic friends there and was truly sorry to be leaving at the end of my placement. The Nepalese people are really special, and Saroj is a wonderful person, who really takes care of the volunteers that come to Nepal. Any question, concern or problem (even though there were none!) - I knew Saroj was only ever a phone call away. For anyone considering going to Nepal to volunteer - do it! It has truly been the most memorable experience of my life to date.

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